dear nyc readers ~ i'm having a small email garage sale. offering everything on a sliding scale (see prices under images). 50% of all profits will be donated to the following groups:

  • Black Visions Collective (link)
  • No New Jails NYC (link)
  • The Bail Project (link)

curbside contactless pickup from carroll gardens.

WASD custom mech keyboard
Cherry MX clear caps

already own a HHKB so don't really use this much right now. great key travel.


RYOBI circular saw. lightly used.

nice little saw. great for building Enzo Mari furniture.


Speed Square

Harman Kardon soundsticks (jellyfish sound system). 2 years old. not bluetooth!

did you know these guys were first released in 1999 and the design is still the same today.


Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 100 ft!

there was a time when i wanted everything wired in my apt. i've finally let wireless into my life so i won't be needing this much cat5 cable. u could also use it as a clothesline.


Aikoper Space Heater (link)

I went through a bunch of space heaters before finding this little guy. good for a small room.


E key
laminated plywood

imagine this above your couch!


Brother Laser Printer (HL-5470DW)
B/W only

turn your apartment into a copy shop. I made some zines on it last winter. couldn't get the wifi working on it but maybe you can.


Toyo-Sasaki Carafe (link)

great for your water drinker aesthetic


Canon 50mm lens 1.4
Auto focus is broken but manual works fine.



Apple keyboard (wired) + mouse ~ new

Super old Apple wireless keyboard
Takes 2 AA batteries

Pocket keyboard (bluetooth)

blog from your pocket


Dell P2416D 24" Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor (link)

Bertoia Side Chair

Roku Ultra

Earth Ball (small and large)
$50-100 (both)

That's it! If you are interested in any of these items, just reply to this email with the item and what you'd like to pay. Also willing to ship some of the smaller items.

Thanks for visiting my garage sale.

p.s. last week I helped Sanctuary Computer make a embeddable widget of their BLM bail resources. It's super easy to install on your personal website if you have access to your server. Try it out here.

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